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Peraturan Pemeringkatan Kayu Getah Bergergaji Malaysia



Malaysian Grading Rules for Rubberwood Sawn Timber is based on the Defect System where the grades are determined by visually evaluating the defect present on a piece of timber.

It is imperative that a person who undertakes the grading of Rubberwood has the requisite knowledge of the defects.

As Rubberwood is generally used for non-structural purpose, the grading rules are formulated such that appearance is given priority over its strength properties.

It should also be noted that the grades specified in this Malaysian Grading Rules for Rubberwood S are general purpose grades, i.e. applicable for the manufacture of any end product. The grading requirements are designed for the purpose of achieving a minimum aesthetic value.

This Malaysian Grading for Rubberwood Sawn Timber can also be used for grading of Rubberwood from other countries; and if so desired, adopted by other producing countries.

Malaysian Grading Rules For Rubber Wood Sawn Timber

Last Updated: 24 May 2023