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Competency Based Training

1. Wood-Based Industry Apprenticeship Scheme - Furniture

The Wood Based Industry Apprenticeship Scheme is a structured programme, which provides an excellent career opportunity to school leavers/ Who are interested to pursue a career in wood based industry..

  1. The targeted group is post-PMR / SPM.
  2. Apprentices must pass in Mathematics and English.
Training provider and employer sponsors must use the curriculum provided by PSMB. The curriculum was developed by PSMB with the cooperation of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) after a survey of the needs of the industry. Field is meant is:
  1. Phase 1 - Furniture Production Operation (8 Months)
  2. Phase 2 - Furniture Production Line Leader (8 months)
In general, the scheme consists of 30% theory and 70% practical training
Level 1 Furniture Maker RB-050-1
Code Module Off-The-Job On-The-Job
M1 Wood furniture material preparation 60 50
M2 Wood sizing 90 50
M3 Wood forming 90 50
M4 Wood furniture fabrication 90 50
M5 Membrane pressing 40 20
M6 Case good fabrication 110 100
M7 Furniture assembling 90 80
M8 Furniture surface preparation 60 20
  English Communication 60 -
  NCS Core ability 30 -
Total (Hours) 720 420
Grand Total (Hours) 1140
Level 2 Furniture Maker RB-050-2
Code Module Off-The-Job On-The-Job
M1 Furniture drawing 90 120
M2 Wood sizing II 30 50
M3 Wood lamination 50 50
M4 Wood forming II 30 50
M5 Furniture assembly 120 120
M6 Furniture finishing 110 120
M7 Furniture packaging 80 50
  English Communication 60 -
  NCS Core ability 30 -
Total (Hours) 600 540
Grand Total (Hours) 1140

Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction will be in English.

Programme Duration
TrainingPhase 1Phase 2Total
Off-The-Job (minggu) 21 17 38
On-The-Job (minggu) 11 15 26
Having successfully occupy the competency test conducted by the Department of Skill Development (DSD), an apprentice shall be awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 1 and Level 2.

Training Fees
Training fees will be paid by PSMB under Apperantice Fund. The fund is embodied to help employers, particularly small medium entrepenuer. However, the employer must first be registered with PSMB.

Monthly Allowance
Apprentices are eligible for a monthly allowance of RM350.00 to RM500.00 from the sponsoring employer.

2. Wood Drying Course

This course is recommended jointly by MTIB, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Participants will be awarded qualification certificate / Competencies.

Last Updated: 18 August 2020