This Annex is issued to guide users on the significant amendments made to the MGR 1984 edition.  It does not include minor changes that do not affect the substantive aspects of the Rules.

In line with the intention of making this edition of the MGR a purely grading document, all Rules and provisions which are advisory and administrative in nature have been removed.  These Rules and provisions shall be issued, if necessary, in other appropriate guidelines or circulars.

 No. MGR 1984  Amendments  MGR 2009 Edition  Remarks 
 1 Format and presentation

 a. The general format of the MGR including the numbering of paragraphs is restructured.

 b. The Rules in Section A (General Information On The  Timbers Available) and Section B (General Information On The Rules) in Part I are interchanged.

  To rearrange the Rules in the right sequence. 
 PART 1    

Rule 1, page 8

(The Classification of Malaysian Timbers)

 The contents are divided into 2 paragraphs.   Rule 6 For ease of reference. 

Rule 5, page 8

(The Seasoning of Timber)

 This Rule is integrated with Rule 24.  Rule 14  Both Rules are related to drying of timber. 

Rule 7, page 9

(Application of the Rules)

 a. The Note in Appendix 1 of MGR 1984, Part 1-D,  Softwoods, page 55 is incorporated into this Rule.

 b. A new provision has been added to clarify that Teak,  Rubberwood and Acacia may be graded under separate  Rules.

 c. The Note on page 7 is incorporated into Rule 1.


Rule 1

Rule 1

Rule 1


 a. The contents in the Note are  relevant and appropriate to be  designated as a Rule.

 b. Teak and Rubberwood have  separate grading rules. Acacia  may be graded under grading  guidelines for plantation timbers.

 c. The contents in the Note are  relevant and appropriate to be  designated as a Rule.


Rule 8, page 9


The status of STIDC as the Grading Authority in Sarawak is clarified.   Rule 2 STIDC undertakes this responsibility in Sarawak. 

Rule 9, page 9

(Export to certain countries restricted to graded timber)

Listing of countries as specified and unspecified is removed.   All countries are regarded as high quality markets.