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In The News


  News Title Publication Date Download
1 Design to transform furniture industry News Straits Times 17-10-2017 Download
2 Cubaan seludup balak RM8.2 juta dipatah Utusan Malay 10-10-2017 Download
3 Eksport perabot kayu dijangka cecah RM23 bilion Utusan Malaysia 09-09-2017 Download
4 Eksport industri perkayuan dijangka meningkat RM 30b Berita Harian 26-08-2017 Download
5 Eksport produk kayu disasar RM25 bilion Utusan Malaysia 26-08-2017 Download
6 Board: We only export 150,000kg of the rare wood (1) The Star 21-07-2017 Download
7 Malaysia Agarwood Fair The Sun 04-05-2017 Download
8 Bumiputera masih kecil dalam industri perkayuan Utusan Malaysia 22-04-2017 Download
9 39 kakitangan MTIB terima anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang Utusan Malaysia 08-04-2017 Download
10 USC Dijangka Dikomersialkan Tahun Ini Berita Harian 23-03-2017 Download
11 PR1MA guna teknologi IBS komposit Utusan Malaysia 23-03-2017 Download
12 Eksport kayu kayan negara diunjur tumbuh sederhana Utusan Malaysia 18-03-2017 Download
13 Perhebat Industri Perkayuan Utusan Malaysia 01-02-2017 Download
14 Pertandingan fotografi MTIB dilanjutkan Utusan Malaysia 13-01-2017 Download
15 Eksport Perabot Bilion KOSMO 06-12-2016 Download
16 Eksport Perabot Negara Meningkat Utusan Malaysia 06-12-2016 Download
17 Furniture exports growth slows due to shortage of workers TheSun 06-12-2016 Download
18 MTIB Sasar Lebih Ramai Pereka Bentuk Utusan Malaysia 22-11-2016 Download
19 Dana RM1.045 Bilion Banguntkan Ladang Hutan Utusan Malaysia 22-11-2016 Download
20 Industri Perabot Capai Sasaran Eksport RM9b.jpg Utusan Malaysia 14-11-2016 Download
21 MTIB Soft Launch of World Bamboo Day 2016 Building & Investment 31-10-2016 Download
22 MTIB and Confexhub Group Convenes Global Timber Conference 2016 Building & Investment 31-10-2016 Download
23 'Wood-, rattan-based furniture exports can exceed RM10b target' News Straits Times 27-10-2016 Download
24 Malaysian Wood Awards 2016 The Sun 20-10-2016 Download
25 Lensa Utusan Malaysia 29-09-2016 Download
26 MTIB Sasar Eksport Produk Buluh Cecah RM1 Juta Utusan Malaysia 28-09-2016 Download
27 Charting New Frontiers - MTIB Top 10 of Malaysia 27-09-2016 Download
28 ABS 2016 Perkasa Industri Buluh Utusan Malaysia 26-09-2016 Download
29 Mah: Malaysia to continue seeking timber certification News Straits Times 21-09-2016 Download
30 MTIB Komersialkan Industri Kayu Utusan Malaysia 19-09-2016 Download
31 Peluang sertai Simposium Buluh ASEAN Utusan Malaysia 14-09-2016 Download
32 Johor Roadmap to Help Meet RM16b Furniture Export Goal News Straits Times 13-08-2016 Download
33 Eksport Perabot Cecah RM16 Bilion pada 2020 Utusan Malaysia 12-08-2016 Download
34 Potensi Industri Kayu Diperhebat Utusan Malaysia 08-08-2016 Download
35 Local Timber Exports Likely to Hold at RM 22B News Straits Times 26-07-2016 Download
36 Kerajaan Tingkat Eksport Produk Kayu Tambah Nilai Berita Harian 26-07-2016 Download
37 Pengilang Produk Kayu Sasar Tembusi Pasaran Asia Barat, ASEAN Utusan Malaysia 29-05-2016 Download
38 Eksport Kayu Negara dijangka Meningkat kepada RM24 bilion Utusan Malaysia 23-05-2016 Download
39 Galeri Glulam : In Praise Of Engineered Timber Building & Investment 13-05-2016 Download
40 Gaya Hidup Berasaskan Kayu Utusan Malaysia 09-05-2016 Download

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