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What products/services/activities require registration with MTIB?


Timber products which are meant for the export market:
Sawntimber, blockboard, chipboard, particleboard, plywood, veneer, woodchips, moulding, building, carpentary and joinery, dressed timber and all other products as listed under the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (Incorporation) Act 1973 (Schedule 1, Section 2). Click here to view the guidelines.


Services/activities which are meant for the export market:
Exporter, supplier, processor, jetty operator and timber grader.

What are the procedures /necessary documentation needed in order to be registered with MTIB?

For details refer to the Registration Guidelines or contact the Registration Unit or email to Alamat email ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Perlukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya

What is Timber Information Exchange Services (TIES)?

TIES is a service provided by MTIB to matchmake Malaysian timber and timber products suppliers with prospective buyers( local and overseas). There is no fee charge for this service. Companies participating in this exchange are given priority to access any trade and business leads received by MTIB. Please contact Mohd Afthar Amir for any enquiries at 03-92822235 or email Alamat email ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Perlukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text68408 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //-->\n Alamat email ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Perlukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya .

What is the Malaysian Grading Rules(MGR)?

MGR is the grading system for Malaysian hardwood sawntimber for the export market. The system is internationally recognised. For more details on MGR, refer to MTIB publications - The Malaysian Grading Rules for Sawn Hardwood Timber, 1984 Edition.

What is Timber Verification Services, TVS?

TVS is a service provided by MTIB to ascertain that timber and timber products meet its intended specifications. It is also to promote quality consiousness among specifiers/consumers/end-users regarding timber and its applications. See Timber Verification Services window.

What are the services offered by the Timber Verification Services (TVS)?

Under the TVS, there are four types of services offered:-
a) identification of species
b) timber grading
c) determination of moisture content
d) verification of timber treatment

How to obtain the TVS?

To obtain the TVS, please contact the nearest MTIB office or you can email directly to Alamat email ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Perlukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya or click on TVS Online Application.

Does MTIB publish its own publications?

Yes, MTIB publishes a wide range of publications:-

a) MASKAYU - a monthly bulletin which can be purchased from any MTIB offices nationwide. The subscription rate is RM108.00 (within Malaysia), USD 32.00 (within ASEAN) and USD 84 (other countries).

b) Malaysia Directory of Timber Trade - a biennial directory of Malaysian timber manufacturers, exporters and suppliers.

c) Technical Timber Leaflets on Malaysian timber species

d) Product leaflets.

e) Market profiles

For further details on MTIB publications, click here.



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