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  • What is Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB)? +

    MTIB is a statutory body accredited to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Malaysia. Established on 1st June 1973 by an Act of Parliament ( Act 105), Malaysian Timber Industry Board (Incorporation ) Act, 1973, it has been accorded as the lead agency to enhance the development of the Malaysian timber industry. It has ten divisions namely the Trade Development, Industry Development & Research, Licensing & Enforcement, Bumiputra Entrepreneur Development, Strategic Planning, Administration & Finance, Human Resource Management, Forest Plantation, Information & Communication Technology and Public Relations and Corporate Communication. It has a total manpower of 443 employees.

  • What are the objectives of MTIB? +

    MTIB's objectives are as follows:

    • To further enhance the industrialisation and up-grading of the timber industry with emphasis on value-added processing;
    • To promote and improve the markets and marketing of timber products;
    • To facilitate development of SMEs;
    • To develop and promote standards for the manufacture of quality timber products;
    • To foster orderliness in the timber trade.
  • What is the function of MTIB? +

    Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) is a government promotional agency that responsible for initiating development of the various sectors of the timber industry and providing technical, marketing and other forms of assistance to ensure continued growth within a rapidly industrialising Malaysian economy. Our functions include:

    *to regulate and control the trade in, and the marketing and distribution of timber, and

    *to promote and improve, the trade in, and markets for timber.

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