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TANGGAM® Design Centre or TDC is an initiative by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) with the fund allocation from the 10th Malaysian Plan (RMK-10). The main objective of TDC is to be able to provide design services and to be a design hub for designers, students, the industries related or connected to design, and any other end-users who wants to make full use of the design facilities available at TDC. There are 4 TDC’s in existence now which are allocated at;

      • Kota Damansara, which is providing full-scale Design services

      • Kota Bahru, which is providing services as a Design Studio and an Exhibition Gallery

      • Kota Kinabalu, which is another Design Studio

      • Johor Bahru (Galeri Glulam), which is functioning as a Design Studio

The TANGGAM® by MTIB have effectively demonstrated the invigorating and outstanding innovations of new designs from Malaysia. With its main objective of promoting the image of Malaysian furniture and catalyzing the transition of this sector from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), and eventually Own Brand Manufacturing (OBM), MTIB was allocated a fund under the 10th Malaysia Plan (Rolling Plan), to undertake a programme to enhance the quality of Design (of the locally manufactured furniture).

The programme is part of a comprehensive 5-year plan for design enhancement of Malaysian furniture.



To be the prime agency instrumental for the development of a competitive timber industry.



To enhance the sustainable growth of the Malaysian timber industry through the provision of a conducive environment and continuous extension of quality services.



TANGGAM® is responsible for initiating development of the various sectors of the timber industry and providing technical, marketing and other forms of assistance to ensure their continued growth within a rapidly industrialising Malaysian economy.

As specifically provided by the Act, TANGGAM® objectives include:


To further enhance industrialisation and upgrading of the timber industry with emphasis on value-added processing.

  • • To promote and improve the markets and marketing of timber products.
  • • Facilitate and strengthen the development of SMEs
  • • To develop and promote standard in quality timber products.
  • • To foster orderliness in the timber trade.

Any inquiries, please contact:

1. Nik Zuraihah Nik Mohammad

    Senior Assistant Director

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   Tel. No. 03-61401466

   Fax. No. 03-61401216/1154


2. Norazleen Othman

   Economic affairs Officer

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   Tel. No. 03-61401466

   Fax. No. 03-61401216/1154