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Trade Promotion 
With the aspiration to help in promoting Malaysian wood-based products to the world, MTIB participates in
prominent local and international exhibitions exhibiting wood-based products and promoting new technologies.
MTIB would like to invite wood-based manufacturers and entrepreneurs to exhibit their products in MTIB’s booth.  


Listed below are the main exhibitions participated by MTIB for the year 2008

1)       Mini MICCOS 2008 Miri (25-29 Februari)


2)       Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) (4-8 Mac)  


3)       Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE)(6-10 Mac)


4)       JIDECCO (7-9 Mac)


5)       Interiors Malaysia (29 Mei-1 Jun)


6)       Architechture Workshop (USM)(9-12 Jun)


7)       Malaysian Outdoor Living Carnival (25 Jun-9 Julai)


        8)       Pameran sempena Majlis Makan Malam 35 Tahun MTIB Bersama Industri (28 Julai)

9)       Malaysia Agriculture Horticulture Agrotourism (MAHA) (11-23 Ogos)

      10)       Malaysian International Building Exposition (MALBEX) (26-29 Ogos)                                      

      11)       Sabah International Expo/Sabah Timber Week (15-19 Okt)     



MTIB also participates in mini exhibitions in schools and higher educational institutions to impart knowledge and create awareness on the uses and properties of Malaysian timbers.




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