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Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) is pleased to announce the release of the new edition of the Malaysian Grading Rules for Sawn Hardwood Timber (MGR). The 2009 Edition supersedes the previous edition and comes into effect from July 2009.

The timber fraternity throughout the world is well aware of the MGR and its crucial role in raising the profile of the Malaysian timber industry as a supplier of quality hardwood timber. It is well recognised by the international market and is used by several countries as a reference document for sawn timber grading.

The previous edition (1984) had to be revised to keep abreast with market requirements as well as to accommodate technological advancements and R & D accomplishments. In addition to the inclusion of provisions to accommodate these developments, this edition has added the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) as the Grading Authority for Sarawak. Further, administrative requirements contained in the rules have been removed. Any administrative or procedural requirements henceforth will be issued as and when required, in the form of circulars or bulletins.

Among the notable changes made to this edition are :-

1. The Grade Mark has been changed from FD (reference to Forestry Department) to MTIB, since MTIB is the Grading Authority in Malaysia.

2. A new specification for the grading of Door and Window Frames has been added to accommodate the increasing demand for these products, especially from European market.

3. The Prime Wide and Panels specification has been deleted as this specification has not been used and is unlikely to be ever used.

4. The term Large Scantlings and Squares has been replaced with Baulks.

5. Section J (Stress Grading) has been deleted since a Malaysian Standard, MS 1714: 2003 “Specification for visual strength grading of tropical hardwood timber” has been developed and contains provisions for stress grading of timber.

For ease of reference on the changes made to the 1984 edition, a supplementary explanatory note is attached as an Annex to this edition.

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