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MTIB CB takes its responsibility as a neutral third party seriously:

The structure of MTIB CB is designed to give confidence to the impartiality of the auditing and certification process.All staff, including contracted personnel, is to be free from any commercial, financial or other pressures which may influence their judgement in relation to the certification of a company or organisation. Auditors are not to have been, at any stage, involved in the design, supply or maintenance, by way of consultancy service or commercial arrangement of the system, of a company or organisation undergoing the certification process within the previous two years, if they are to be involved in the auditing of that company or organisation.

Remuneration of all MTIB CB's certification personnel will be independent from the results of any certification assessment and will not be dependent upon the pass or failure of any client. Procedures described are to ensure impartiality is achieved in all functions within MTIB CB. The non-executive arm of MTIB CB is involved in the day-to-day business activities of certification and those employees are subject to Confidentiality Agreements. The executive arm of MTIB CB is involved in the management of business but may not be actively involved in the assessment cycle of certification. They, too, are subject to Confidentiality Agreements.

Whenever a potential conflict of interest exists, it is to be clearly identified, together with the means by which this is dealt with. MTIB CB ensures there is no conflict of interest with 'related bodies' which are described below.

        i. Rules of Certification

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