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Trade Development Division:
Trade development, market research, promotion and marketing advisory services.

Industry Development Division:
Technical advisory, training/skills upgrading, monitoring worldwide standards and standards writing, and timber verification services.

Licensing & Enforcement Division:
Regulation of trade, issuance of export licences, processing import approvals , and inspection services

Strategic Planning and Corporate Affairs Division:
Collating and disseminating statistical records and information on the timber industry, monitoring the development of the timber industry and formulating strategic industrial/organisational plans for the overall betterment of the timber industry.  Fostering goodwill with the public as well as promoting a better understanding of MTIB's operations.

Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development Division
Coordinate development activities for Bumiputera companies in the manufacturing and marketing of thier products.

Forest Plantation Division
Coordinate the implementation of forest plantation programmes and related activites.

Management Services  Division
Planning and managing human resource aspect of the organisation.General administration, human resource management, procurement and managing the finances of MTIB.

Information Technology Division
Providing technical assistance for proper peripheral and software maintenance and information system development.

Fibre and Biocomposite Development Centre (FIDEC)
Accelerate the application of research findings into commercial manufacturing of biocomposite products.

Wood Industry Skills Development Centre (WISDEC)

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