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The average domestic price for logs, sawntimber, MDF and plywood in Peninsular Malaysia can be viewed via our website at

TVS is a service provided by MTIB to ascertain that timber and timber products meet its intended specifications. It is also to promote quality consiousness among specifiers/consumers/end-users regarding timber and its applications. See Timber Verification Services window.

Being the development agency for the Malaysian timber industry, Timber Information Exchange Service (TIES) is another service which MTIB provides to the industry. It links interested buyers with local suppliers. Potential buyers could save time and cost as MTIB helps to identify relevant suppliers for products of their interest. In addition, such enquiries will also be circulated to companies which are interested to seek and explore new market opportunities.

To be included in the circulation list of all enquiries received, local suppliers and exporters are invited to subscribe to the TIES. Now, it is open to all Malaysian Exporters and Suppliers. For those interested to access TIES, please apply your User ID and Password by filling the TIES Subscription Form. THERE IS NO FEE CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. Click here to login

MGR is the grading system for Malaysian hardwood sawntimber for the export market. The system is internationally recognised. For more details on MGR, refer to MTIB publications - The Malaysian Grading Rules for Sawn Hardwood Timber, 1984 Edition.

For details refer to the Registration Guidelines or contact the Registration Unit or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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