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  1. Fill in the GMP – 5S 2017 application form;
  2. Company must be incorporated in Peninsular Malaysia;
  3. Registered with MTIB;
  4. Priority is given if company participated in any of the following programes

• ‘Malaysian Pride’ 
• Any other governmental initiatives to develope the timber industry

v. Application must include the following:

• Amount of workers (Please specify amount of local and foreign workers) 
• Company revenue in 2015 and 2016 
• Total product export for 2015 and 2016 
• Form 24 and 49 as per Akta Syarikat  1965 
• Memorandum of Article
• Pictures factory’s inner and outer  surroundings
• Pictures of company products 
• Factory settlement status 
• Company insolvency report status

All documents must be prepared in folio form.  Inability to follow or fulfill all stated requirements will resulted in your appication being NOT CONSIDERED or DENIED by MTIB. All information shall only be used internally by MTIB and will be considered PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL.

Forward all documents to the following address:

Ketua Pengarah 
Lembaga Perindustrian Kayu Malaysia (MTIB)
Tingkat 13- 17,Menara PGRM, No. 8, Jalan Pudul Ulu, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
( U/P : Pengarah Perancangan Strategik & Hal Ehwal Korporat)


Site Visits

In order to determine your company suitability for the programme, MTIB representatives will be conducting site visits to your company.


Based on the provided document and results from the site visits, MTIB shall decide on the companies that will be offered to join the programmes. All decisions are FINAL.

Further Information

Please refer the following officers.

• En. Shamsul Azman Abdul Aziz (tel; 03-92822235 ext 1367/ fax; 03-92810729 /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

• En. Rasfan Akram Hj. Akmal (tel; 03-92822235 ext 1316/ fax ; 03-92810729 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ),

MTIB Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 5S 2017* programme in detail















GMP – 5S Awareness


Brief course on GMP – 5S

  To be determined

1/2 day



GMP – 5S comprehensive training

All participants

Mengajar peserta kaedah pelaksanaan GMP - 5S

To be determined

1 day



Visit # 1

All participants

Current Status Follow up

Participant’s companies

1/2 day


Visit # 2


Visit # 3


Visit # 4


Presentation to MTIB

Presentation to MTIB

*Contents of this programme as well as the of date of implementation of each activities are under the purview of MTIB and shall be subjected to changed from time to time

Download GMP – 5S 2017 Application Form

MTIB Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – 5S Programme 2017

The Malaysian timber industry has contributed to about 2.8% (or RM 22.11 billion) of Malaysia’s total export to the world. Unfortunately, the industry has been branded 3D or Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult which has resulted in the declining rate of local labour force to join this industry due to its less than desirable perception.

In order to counter this misperceptions, the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has begun conducting the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – 5S since 2015 for the timber industry. 39 timber companies had sign up for the programme and overall had achieved impressive results. As a collective, the 39 companies had recorded savings of RM 280,200 per year and this include labout cost, workplace savings and total time search for equipment.


What is GMP – 5S?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – 5S emphasizes on the encouragement of creating a safer and more conducive work environment. This is to reduce the rate of work place accident and therefore retain existing workforce whilst attracting new ones to work for timber based factories. 

GMP – 5S Programme Objectives

(i) Establishing level of productivity and Standard of Operation (SOP)
(ii) Encouragement of systematic production to reduce operation cost
(iii) Improving knowledge and skills of the timber industry by encouraging sharing of good manufacturing practices among the timber industry
(iv) Establish safer and more condusive work environment.

Each organisation who are selected to join this programme will undergo the following 3 phases:

i) Phase 1  : GMP – 5S Awareness & Training
ii) Phase 2 : GMP – 5S Tools & Techniques Comprehensive Training
iii) Phase 3: Implementation of GMP – 5S at factory sites


This programme is a combination of training, consultation, evaluation and best knowledge sharing practices that will enable each organisation to increase its productivity through improvements in the efficiency of its system, operation and management.These programmes will be conducted and guided by expertly trained consultants from 6 - 8 months


This programme is FREE OF CHARGE. However, the number of participants are LIMITED


These programmes are expected to begin June / July 2017

Closing Date

Registration will be closed at 2 Jun 2017


It is crucial that the programme received high commitment from each company’s upper management. Each selected company are OBLIGATED to participate in all activities organised by MTIB throughout the duration of the programme.

Each selected companies are REQUIRED to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with MTIB as a sign of commitment to complete the programme. In an event if the company failed to to complete the programme, a compound will be imposed to the company.



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