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  • Gallery Glulam +

    The Galeri Glulam project is built on a piece of 4.9 acres of land owned by Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) within a strategic location in the middle main high along Jalan Tampoi, Johor. This project was recognized by a Malaysia Book of Records on 15 March 2002 as the first completed building use glue-laminated timber (Glulam) as the load bearing structure which exceed 80% usage of wood to complement the design concept of the glulam iconic building. This building was officiated by YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Muhyiddin Haji Mohd Yassin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia on 22 May 2012.

    This project was started in 2009 through the process of design for nearly one year and the construction works of the building took two years. This project was completed on 15 November 2011 and was delivered to MTIB on 5 December 2011 by Public Work Department (JKR) as the Project Supervision Body.


    This building pioneered the unique application of innovative engineered timber products with the use of glulam as the main structure using various types of local timber. This building will function as a showcase and referral centre forprofessionals such as architects, engineers, contractors and all consumers and stakeholders including government agencies like Public Works Department, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Ministry of Housing and Local Governments, other local councils and private agencies.

    This project also symbolised theagency’s owner identity, implying the technology of engineered wood (glulam) as the first building which conceptualised iconic timber building shaped as half-umbrella.

    The main glulam portal frames used Malaysian Hardwood from Resak and Keruing while the roof used Belian as shingles (estimated over 350,000 pieces). Besides, the timber wall cladding are constructed from Kekatong and timber fins from Balau.


    1. 150 grilled parking lots for cars/motorcycles
    2. 3 exhibition/multi-purpose hall with a total area of 2,000m²
    3. 500 banquet chairs & seminar tables
    4. Audio-visual facility
    5. Air-conditioned hall/rooms
    6. Exclusive meeting room with video conference and LCD monitor screen
    7. Exclusive holding room for VIP/VVIP
    8. Prayer rooms for men/women

    For hall rental of Galeri Glulam Johor Bahru for Seminar/Workshop/Exhibition or Events please contact:

    1. En. Khali Zakaria - 017-7936838 
    2. En. Abdul Rahim Buang- 010-2752802
    3. En. Mohd. Firdaus Mortar - 019-7121435
    4. En. Fouzi Eusa- 012-7514987 OR

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR

    Tel : 07-2329057 / 2329048
    Fax : 07-2340297

    Location Map


    • G1

      Visit by a group of stakeholders to GGJB to learn about the advantages of glulam as load bearing structures on 5 January 2016

    • G2

      Briefing conducted at GGJB on 1 October 2016 was attended by 40 industry players and staff from MTIB Johor

    • G3

      Briefing on Federal Budget 2016 organized by Johor Information Department at GGJB attended by 600 government and private officials on 14 October 2016

    • G4

      Working Visit by the late Secretary General of MPIC Dato ' Dr. Sundaram Annamalai to GGJB on 24 February 2016

    • G5

      Malaysian Batik Festival held at GGJB on 25-28 February 2016, attended by 2,500 visitors

    • G17

      Study visits from UiTM Shah Alam students to Galeri Glulam Johor Bahru for the purpose of studying and understanding the technology of building load bearing structures GGJB on 6 March 2016

    • G7

      Visit by JTK Consultant at GGJB for the purposes of knowing glulam load bearing structure technology on 3 August 2016

    • G8

      Visits by IKM students from Johor Bahru for the purpose of recognizing the Chiller System Maintenance in GGJB on 14 March 2016

    • G10

      Welcomed Study Tour by 9 students from IKM Sabah on 04/16/2016

    • G11

      Visit by IUKL Students to GGJB on 20 April 2016

    • G12

      Trip Visit of UiTM students from Shah Alam to GGJB on 26 April 2016

    • G13

      Visits of 29 students from KKTM Sri Gading to GGJB on 26 April 2016

    • G9 1

      RTM Coverage with Director General MTIB, Dr. Jalaluddin Harun on 4 May 2016 at GGJB

    • G14

      Visits from Management Services Division of MTIB to GGJB on 24 May 2016

    • G15

      Mahrajan Tabarruk Warisan Salafussoleh Exhibition at GGJB was held on 09-12 June 2016

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  • MTIB Certification Body Product Scheme +

    *English Version Only*


    Malaysian Timber Industry Board Certification Body (MTIB CB) was established in October 2010. The MTIB CB Product Certification Scheme is aimed at primarily achieving clients' products satisfaction in wood product processing by preventing nonconformity at all stages, from the initial contact with potential clients.

    That Malaysian Timber Industry Board (incorporation) Act 1973 [Act 105] constitutes the legal documentation for the establishment of MTIB. These legal documents are retained on file by the Legal Unit of MTIB.
    The main objective of development of MTIB is to promote and coordinate the overall development of the timber industry in Malaysia.The Certification Body of MTIB, i.e. MTIB CB, operates under the authority of Act 105 Section 12(2)(k), to grant certification for timber products.

    The MTIB CB are constantly looking beyond customers' and society expectations in order to deliver market leading services in timber industry wherever they are needed. Our independent services add significant value to our customers' operations and ensure business sustainability. Any inquiries, please contact:

        Product Certification Unit,
        Director General Division,
        Malaysian Timber Industry Board,
        Level 13-17, Menara PGRM,
        No. 8, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras,
        P. O. Box 10887, 50728 Kuala Lumpur,



    MTIB CB has adequate arrangements to cover liabilities that may arise. Under Act 105, clause 30D, stated that the Public Authorities Protection Act 1948 (Act 198) shall apply to any suit, action, prosecution or proceedings against any officer, servants or agents of Board (MTIB), in respect of any act, neglect or default done or committed by it or him in such capacity.

    Financial plans are also contained in the overall business plan of MTIB CB, and are reviewed on an annual basis for adequacy. MTIB CB's financial capability may be viewed via the relevant management reports, annual reports and financial audit reports.


    Financial Stability and Resources

    MTIB CB operates on an annual operational budget obtained from government Annual Budget and from certification fees charged to clients. MTIB CB ensures that it, at all times, has sufficient financial resources in order to provide, and continue to provide, its product certification services in accordance to its contractual obligations.

  • Scopes +

    The objectives of MTIB CB's Product Certification Scheme are as follows:

           1. To operate certifications in an appropriate, clear, transparent and non-discriminatory manner

           2. To comply with international certification systems and to keep pace with industrial development

           3. To assist the Malaysian timber industry in complying with international market requirements

    The Product Certification Scheme of MTIB CB is based on two (2) technical criteria, as follows:

            1. The products are in conformity with the applicable standards.

            2. The manufacturers have adequate quality assurance system to maintain the conformity of the products with the standards.

    The Product Certification Scheme of MTIB CB consists of the following elements:

            i. Initial Assessment - Inspection before a license is granted

                 a. Selection and testing of one or more samples of the product, representative of production.

                 b. Assessment of the manufacturer's Product Quality Plan.

                 c. Assessment of implementation of the manufacturer's Product Quality Plan.

            ii. Ongoing Assessment - Surveillance after a license is granted

                  a. Assessment of implementation of the manufacturer's Product Quality Plan.

                  b. Scheduled and unscheduled factory and market-place surveillance

                           i.e. selection of samples from the factory or the market-place or both

  • Third-Party Status +

    MTIB CB takes its responsibility as a neutral third party seriously:

    The structure of MTIB CB is designed to give confidence to the impartiality of the auditing and certification process.All staff, including contracted personnel, is to be free from any commercial, financial or other pressures which may influence their judgement in relation to the certification of a company or organisation. Auditors are not to have been, at any stage, involved in the design, supply or maintenance, by way of consultancy service or commercial arrangement of the system, of a company or organisation undergoing the certification process within the previous two years, if they are to be involved in the auditing of that company or organisation.

    Remuneration of all MTIB CB's certification personnel will be independent from the results of any certification assessment and will not be dependent upon the pass or failure of any client. Procedures described are to ensure impartiality is achieved in all functions within MTIB CB. The non-executive arm of MTIB CB is involved in the day-to-day business activities of certification and those employees are subject to Confidentiality Agreements. The executive arm of MTIB CB is involved in the management of business but may not be actively involved in the assessment cycle of certification. They, too, are subject to Confidentiality Agreements.

    Whenever a potential conflict of interest exists, it is to be clearly identified, together with the means by which this is dealt with. MTIB CB ensures there is no conflict of interest with 'related bodies' which are described below.

            i. Rules of Certification

            ii. Download Forms Consist of

                  a. Application Form

                  b. Questionnaire Form

            iii. List of certified companies

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  • Background +

    Developing the Fibre and Biocomposite Industry in Malaysia

    The Fibre and Biocomposite Development Centre (FIDEC) was established to spearhead the development of the fibre and biocomposite industry in Malaysia. Established in September 2006 as a focal point for information on pre-commercialisation activities and coordination of Research & Development (R&D) exclusively for the biocomposite industry in Malaysia, the objectives of FIDEC are :-
    • To stimulate interest in and to enhance the utilization of fibre and biocomposite materials in the country,
    • To facilitate pre-commercialisation of fibre and biocomposite materials,
    • To establish vital linkages and smart partnerships with universities, research institutions and the industry towards commercialization of R&D findings related to fibre and biocomposites,
    • To coordinate the overall development of the fibre and biocomposite industry in Malaysia.

    Alternative Resources of the Future

    Malaysia has vast amounts of untapped natural fibre materials available from the agricultural sector. These fibre and biomass materials range from rice husks, coconut trunk fibres, kenaf to oil palm biomass in the form of oil palm trunks (OPT), oil palm fronds (OPF) and empty fruit bunches (EFB) which can serve as alternative resources for the future and have the potential to be commercially manufactured into a range of composite products such as plywood, fibreboards, flooring, wall panels, door stiles and door jambs to fibre-filled thermoplastic and thermoset composites, as well as other value-added products. FIDEC will spearhead the growth and development of the fibre and biocomposite industry in Malaysia.

    The Way Forward

    FIDEC will initiate smart linkages with institutions of higher learning, universities, R&D agencies and government departments to enter into research and development projects geared towards wider utilization of natural fibres and for new product development.

    Next Generation of Biomaterial

    Natural fibres have excellent physical and mechanical properties and such fibres can be used to produce composite products for various end-uses. Natural fibres are thus the next generation of biomaterial for the future.

    Turning Biomass to Wealth 

    Natural fibres which would otherwise not be utilized and therefore be considered as waste materials can be further researched into, and developed into viable products which can be marketed both domestically and overseas. This would open up new areas of growth as well as a new industry in based on fibres and biocomposite materials for Malaysia.

    Green Products

    The utilization of biocomposite materials will gain momentum in the years to come as products manufactured from natural fibres and biocomposite materials gain popularity. These products would be considered as being environmentally friendly products since they are manufactured from waste materials which would otherwise be disposed of through incineration.


  • Facilities and Testing Services +

    For more details on FIDEC Technical & Testing Service, please click here: 




    Please contact:      





    Tel : 03-31491509

    Fax : 03-31491607

    Contact Person:

    Dr.Loh Yueh Feng


    loh[at]mtib[dot]gov[dot]my / fidec[at]mtib[dot]gov[dot]my 

  • Research and Development +

    No Title
    1 Development of high-grade oil palm stem plywood for building construction
    2 Pilot scale feasibility study for the production of wood plastic composite (WPC) pellet from sawdust for furniture and automotive industries
    3 Development of palm-lumber: A pilot scale study
    4 Development of method and technique in enhancing the rate of drying of oil palm trunk veneer
    5 Research and development for hybrid  technique of moulded furniture components using laminated veneer oil palm trunk (LVOP)
    6 Development of  Woodwool as Integrated Structural Members Formwork
    7 Research On The National Competitiveness Study on Biocomposite Industry
    8 Pengekstrakan Tannin Daripada Kulit Acacia Mangium Untuk Penghasilan Bioperekat Dan Produk Biokimia Bernilai Tambah
    9 Projek Pembangunan Produk Papan Lapis Daripada Batang Kelapa Sawit Berkualiti Tinggi Untuk Pasaran Eksport
    10 Projek Pembangunan Produk Gergaji Daripada Batang Kelapa Sawit (Oil Palm Wood)
  • Location Map +

    Lot 152, Jalan 4,
    Kompleks Perabot Olak Lempit,
    42700 Banting,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel : 03-3149 1509
    Fax : 03-3149 1607
    Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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